Vitality™ Fissure Carbide Bur (Pack of 10)
Shank length:
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10 units per pack

Available Sizes: 701,702,703, 1701, 1702, and 1703

Available Shank Lengths:

  1. Standard 44.5 mm which fits Bien Air high speed oral surgery, W&H S-16 high speed oral surgery handpiece and S-11 regular speed oral surgery handpiece.
  2. 65 mm for W&H S-12 high speed oral surgery handpieces.
  3. FGXL 25 mm for fiction grip high speed oral surgery contra angles such as W&H WS-92, WS-92 LG, WS-91, WS-91 LG.


Vitality Surgical Carbide Fissure Burs are made in Germany and Switzerland and provide the highest level of cutting efficiency when cutting wisdom teeth.

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