Push vs. Pull Allograft Bone Inventory Management

Generally speaking, most allograft inventory management systems in dental and oral surgery offices fall into one of two types: push systems and pull systems. The difference between the two types ultimately comes down to the amount of bone your practice orders at a time. What is a push allograft inventory management system? Basically, your practice forecasts how many vials of bone you’ll need for each quarter or year. You then order all the allograft bone vials you’ll need at once.


  • Receiving bulk discount
  • Always will have the bone product in stock


  • Higher likelihood of overstocking
  • Locking significant amount of cash in inventory
  • Risking of being left with some expired bone

What is a pull system of ordering (subscription) Allograft Bone inventory management system? Vitality Bone subscription is an example of Pull inventory management systems. Instead of preemptively ordering a large quantity of bone for a quarter, you determine the lowest acceptable level of allograft bone inventory for each month and then an automated fulfillment system to replenish your stock every month.


  • Minimizing inventory costs
  • No chance of being left with expired bone
  • Automatic fulfillment through Vitality Bone subscription service
  • No humane labor is needed for managing Allograft bone inventory


  • None

Dr. Hamid Shafie

Director of postdoctoral implant training at Washington Hospital Center

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery