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In 2023, numerous dental practices still rely on manual, last-minute orders for their dental bone graft supplies. This practice can result in several unfavorable outcomes:

    • Accuracy Issues: The manual tracking of inventory is susceptible to human errors.
    • Insufficient Bone Graft Inventory When Needed: Failing to order an adequate amount of bone graft material regularly can lead to critical shortages, impacting dentists, surgeons, and patients negatively.
    • Increased Workload: Managing inventory manually places an ongoing responsibility on dental office staff to ensure a constant stock of essential materials.
    • Time-Consuming: Manual inventory management is a labor-intensive process that demands staff to frequently monitor stock levels, initiate orders, and reconcile records, diverting their attention from more crucial tasks.

    Simplify the management of your dental practice's bone graft supplies by opting for the hassle-free AUTOMATIC monthly delivery of Vitality™ allograft bone graft material.

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    What are the advantages of Vitality™ automatic bone graft delivery? 

    • Free Up Your Time from Managing Allograft Inventory – Prioritize Patient Care Instead
    • Reliable Monthly, Bimonthly, or Quarterly Deliveries – Eliminate the Risk of Running Out of Bone Graft
    • Enjoy a 20% Price Reduction – Accumulate Substantial Savings on Your Bone Graft Expenses
    • Minimize Mistakes – Customize Your Desired Quantity and Modify It as Needed
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    Top Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay