How common is it for my VITALITY Bone subscription to be waitlisted? 

It is very rare! We have a robust inventory management. Reliability of the Vitality Bone subscription fulfillment is over 98%. If there is a manufacturing delay which will impact your Vitality Bone subscription, we will inform you no later than 48 hours prior to your shipment date.

How common is it for my W&H order to be waitlisted?

If we don’t have the W&H product you ordered in stock, we drop ship from the manufacturer directly to your office to avoid any delay. Our reliability for one-time delivery of W&H surgical products has been over 98% for the past 7 years.

How common is it for my order of surgical instruments and burs to be waitlisted?

We maintain a large inventory of surgical burs and we can ship your oder on the same day. We maintain a limited quantity of our German made surgical instruments. We have a very reliable fulfillment record for surgical instruments. All of our instruments are imported from Germany. If there is any delay, we will inform your immediately.